Extra Credits available to all students.

To receive the 1 or 2* credits for CCS 1080/2080: Community Volunteerism, the student must complete the following three activities:

  1. Answer the questions regarding “The Role of a Volunteer”
  2. Complete 15/30* hours of volunteer work at a selected, nonprofit organization. Hours should be recorded on the attached sheet and signed by the volunteer supervisor.
  3. Compose a short essay reflecting on their experiences as a volunteer and attach it to this booklet. No more than one page.

* 15 hours qualifies for one credit, 30 hours qualifies for 2 credits.

A collection of short one-credit courses where students are demonstrating the skills they have developed while working with teachers and support staff outside of structured class time.

  • INF 1030: Word 1
  • INF 1060: Spreadsheet 1
  • INF 1070: Digital Presentation
  • INF 2050: Word 2
  • INF 3010: Hardware & Software Analysis
  • COM 1005: Visual Composition (or COM 1015: Media)
  • COM 2175: Interactive Presentation
  • NET 2080: Laptops & Peripherals

This module is for students who already know how to type. Please refer to Information Processing if you need to learn proper keyboarding technique.

Library Studies: Learning Strategies 25

This short 3 credit course is only available to grade 11's and 12's. It prepares students for research and writing research papers.